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I lived all my life with my heart

Early 70’s, I have been able to merge rising underground culture with my music and visual which allowed me to make first “multimedia” shows. I studied from Sufi’s to African cultures and dances and that allowed me to transmit to stage my full body with my music. I have been accepted as inspiration to many rock bands notably like Bruce Dickinson or KISS. 

I always believed one thing, there is always a purity in human heart and brain takes you to dark as long as it get’s you away from your heart. I always lived with my heart and did always what I wanted.

London Nells Jazz Club, England, 25 January 2020

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I found my flare in helping students

Chasing the sun with my messy, long, curly hair and probably unwashed face is my earliest childhood memory. I was not able to understand why I could not catch the sunlight even though I was running as fast as I could. In my youth, we moved around a lot with my family and finally settled in İzmir, which became my home.

I decided on my choice of university the night of the Turkish University Entrance Exam, and rather than studying Psychology or Drama, I was an obedient child, so I went to study Law and Public Administration. 

I found my flare in helping students and guiding them with their educational choices when I worked at the British Council in Istanbul. Here, I also met Richard, my husband of 20 years,  the love of my life.

After the earthquake in Istanbul, we moved to the UK, and I worked at universities representing them as an officer of the most superior international level roles. Over the last 20 years, I travelled and worked in more than 70 countries and learnt and cherished different cultures and different viewpoints. 

My challenge with cancer this year taught me not to take anything for granted and spend more time with my family, my daughter Erin and dog Ella, and to live life in full with its ups and downs.

I learn every day, and I flourish when I am learning and sharing my knowledge and experience. So, I set up my company with an aim to be student-focused and give the best-fit advice to make our clients happy.

Şirin Myles (BA Hons, MBA)
International Education Consultant and Coach
S Myles Consultancy and Coaching
Oxford, England, 14 September 2018

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