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An everlasting visit to Zanzibar

My name is Frank. I am 70 years old. I live in Jambiani, Zanzibar. I moved here about 7 years ago and make a living by running my own guesthouse and restaurant called Cool Runnings.

My first visit to Zanzibar was 25 years ago. It all started when I volunteered in a wild life project on the mainland. Year after year, I went back and forth between Europe and Zanzibar, as I am from the Netherlands. Finally, it was 7 years ago when I came to this place, bought an old house, and rebuilt it and turned it into a small guesthouse with a restaurant. It was about 3 or 4 years ago when I met my lovely wife Jackline, who came here looking for a job. So now, I am living here permanently and doing a little business.

Living here in Zanzibar is completely different from where I came from originally. However, I never think of going back again. Home is here now. 

The majority of the people here in Zanzibar are very nice. They are always helpful, warm, welcoming, and kind. The funny thing is that nearly everyone here thinks that I am rich. Coming from a different culture and race, I sometimes find it hard to tell them that it was the riches and wealth that I actually ran away from.

At Cool Runnings, we always try our hardest to ensure that every single one of our visitors feel like they are at home, and at peace. That’s why we have done our best to renovate it in such a way that it is sincere and cozy, just as how I wanted it to be.

Zanzibar, 16 June 2018

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I have to fight with lions to get married!

My name is Emmanuel Hung. I am 28 years old. I live with my family in one of the villages in Nagarinaro, North Tanzania, which is called Arusha. I make my living by selling jewellery at the beach.

One day, I will leave my family to get married, of course. But before this, I have to fight against a lion and I have to kill it. Can you believe this? Once I have killed it, this means I am brave enough to marry more than one woman. As a Maasai man, I want to continue my life in polygamy like almost every other man in my tribe and ancestors. Please pay attention to my emphasis on the word “man”, since polygamy is forbidden for women. What can we do, this is our tradition.

Oh, I should tell you about jumping as well, it is not only our traditional dance but also I hope jumping higher will help me to pay less money to the families of my future wives to get their permission for marriage. As you may guess, I am continuously working on jumping to reach the highest level I can.

I am looking forward to have minimum 5 children as soon as I have married. I want them to have an education unlike me, and I want them to live their lives better and easier than mine and my family’s.

My other expectations from my life and future is to have a car (I do not know how to get it actually.), to watch a movie, and to visit many European countries before I die. I am not sure if I can achieve all of my dreams, but I should keep dreaming.

Emmanuel Hung
Zanzibar, Tanzania, 16 June 2018

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My expectation from my life is to have a happy family and a good amount of knowledge and adequate wealth

My expectation from my life is to have a happy family and a good amount of knowledge and adequate wealth.

My name is Jabir bin Haidar bin Jabir bin Saleh bin Kasim bin Mansuor bin Haidar bin Ahmed bin Muhammed El- Farsy. I was born in Zanzibar Stone Town. At the International University of Africa, I have graduated with an Art Bachelor’s Degree in taking the Education in Arabic and Islamic Studies course. Also, in 2013, I graduated with an Art Master’s Degree in taking Public Administration.

My father was among the first crew who established the Zanzibar Radio Station in 1957, and he was a ‘’story maker’’ known as “Dandanis Story”, like Arabian Kings’ stories. He was listened to over all the country’s radios, and was too famous in Zanzibar.

My mother is one among the very few ladies of Zanzibar who rode bicycles. She even went to football matches and political meetings. My mother is a very social lady, very kind, but was also very tough while raising us.

I married Saada Mussa Khamis AL-Alawi in May 1995. I have got four children.

I was employed by the Ministry of Education as a teacher of Islamic and Arabic Studies, and Sheikh Abdulhamid bin Abdulkarim Naqshabandi chose me to be the Leader Khalifa of Naqshabandi of Zanzibar and all of Tanzania. 

Life is good, elhamdulillah. I am happy, but the salaries are very low here. Now the system is capitalistic with a free economy and free market. 

I established the entire Sufi festivals in Zanzibar, which had sufi music and songs. I enjoy living by gathering people, establishing non-governmental organizations, helping poor people, and teaching our society through radio, television and/or by public meetings.

Jabir Haidar Jabir El-Farsy, El-Naqshaband
Stone Town, Zanzibar, 15 June 2018

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