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Surfing is my life

My name is Josue Matamoro, I am 22 years old. I live in San Jose del Sur, Nicaragua. I make my living by fishing and I surf. There are 3 types of surfing that I am into; skim board, mini board and regular surfing.

I love surfing because it’s my life. I wish to improve myself as a surfer and I want to surf at different beaches. I believe if I get a little better I’ll have a sponsor. When I surf, I feel myself as a whole, very happy. It feels like I become one with the sea.

I've got 7 siblings. One of them is surfing too. He is 13 years old, he also loves surfing and I help him with the skimboard.

I live alone. My family is not with me. I am working to be able to buy better surfing equipment. I should buy lots of things. I love skim board and mini board too, but I am not making any money from surfing. I make my living by fishing and by giving surfing lessons at one of my friends’ school. If I don't work there, I can’t buy anything, not even one skim board.

With practice, I wish to be a good surfer and a good skim boarder. My ultimate goal is to be able to represent my country, Nicaragua.

Josue Matamoro
Nicaragua, 27 August 2018

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