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I want to expand my business

My name is Amarjeet Singh. I’m 42 years old. I live in Amritsar. I live here because my parents and all my memories are here. I’m the chief and owner of the Charming Chicken Restaurant. I love my job very much. I have been working here for 27 years, and we are the second best restaurant in Amritsar.

I had a shop before opening this restaurant, but I closed it in 1984 because of my mother's demise and my father's health problems. I spent all my money on their healthcare. I was very sad because of these problems. After that, I worked in different jobs for a while. In 1991, I opened my current restaurant. My favorite food that we serve is "ras malai".

I want to expand my business, not only in India, but also in other countries. I have some certificates and awards from a chefs’ competition in 1997. I regret that I couldn’t open more restaurants in Amritsar. I want to have more franchising.

I like traveling to other cities, touristic places and to meet with new people. I invite the people who I have met to my restaurant. I hope to develop my business this way. 

I have a daughter, and I love her very much. I have been very happy since she was born. I want to see her graduate from university schooling.

I want to increase customer satisfaction in my restaurant. I want to diversify my menu so that everybody can find something that they want to eat. I have a YouTube channel called “Chicken Charming Restaurant”. I made videos for this channel. I have a Facebook page too. All companies that take food from my restaurant share photos in this page.

Amarjeet Singh
Amritsar, India, 12 March 2019

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