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I have to fight with lions to get married!

My name is Emmanuel Hung. I am 28 years old. I live with my family in one of the villages in Nagarinaro, North Tanzania, which is called Arusha. I make my living by selling jewellery at the beach.

One day, I will leave my family to get married, of course. But before this, I have to fight against a lion and I have to kill it. Can you believe this? Once I have killed it, this means I am brave enough to marry more than one woman. As a Maasai man, I want to continue my life in polygamy like almost every other man in my tribe and ancestors. Please pay attention to my emphasis on the word “man”, since polygamy is forbidden for women. What can we do, this is our tradition.

Oh, I should tell you about jumping as well, it is not only our traditional dance but also I hope jumping higher will help me to pay less money to the families of my future wives to get their permission for marriage. As you may guess, I am continuously working on jumping to reach the highest level I can.

I am looking forward to have minimum 5 children as soon as I have married. I want them to have an education unlike me, and I want them to live their lives better and easier than mine and my family’s.

My other expectations from my life and future is to have a car (I do not know how to get it actually.), to watch a movie, and to visit many European countries before I die. I am not sure if I can achieve all of my dreams, but I should keep dreaming.

Emmanuel Hung
Zanzibar, Tanzania, 16 June 2018

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