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Hopes in the basket

My name is Ma Cho. I’m 46 years old. I was born in, and still am living in, a village that we call Min Nan Thu. I’m a farmer, and I love my job very much. I’m proud of being a farmer. I put what I grow on the farm in a basket and sell my harvest at a bazaar.

I lost my family because of a disaster that affected my village, and my husband had a paralysis for three years because of it. I tried to look after him as best as I could. But after he came around, he went away with another woman and left me alone. After that, my life became more difficult. I regret that I’m not an educated woman. I want to see my children become educated persons.

I want to live as a farmer till the end of my days. I like farming in my fee farm, but I feel sad when I can’t spare enough food for my children. In the future, I hope I can make a little bit more money. I want to give special and good things to my children.

Ma Cho
Bagan, Myanmar, 15 January 2019

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