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My name is Elad Azizli. I was born in 1985, Baku. I am an otolaryngologist. I was a successful student because of that when I was a sophomore in medical faculty at Azerbaijan, I gained right to continue my schooling in Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty according to an agreement with our school and Istanbul University.

When I was a little boy, I was operating winsomely with an anatomy atlas, scalpel and forceps which were gifts from a friend of my father. Since then it has never changed, I am still getting busy with scalpel and forceps.

It was very clear that I would be a doctor especially a surgeon. At the university I thought a lot, I was drawn into nose, face and voice aesthetics. Once I specialized at the physiology of these organs, I started to perform plastic surgeries. In time I saw clearly that I made the right decision by choosing that speciality.

Years ago I was dreaming that I am doing exactly what I am doing right now; dealing with a specific disease, performing operations, writing scientific articles about all of this and going all over the world and making presentations in congresses.

Today, I am happy to accomplish all of these. The real reason behind my success is my curiosity in medicine, the desire for research that comes with curiosity; in short, my love to the profession.

A person should be conscientious and honest in every action and decision that he/she makes. Here is my advice to you; imagine anything you want, commit with passion, work hard and most importantly, never compromise your integrity and conscience.

Elad Azizli
Istanbul, Turkey, 3 December 2019

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