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Costa Rica

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I’m Luis Flores Umana. I’m the father of 3 boys who are at the ages of 14, 10 and 7, and I’m 32 - very, very old now!

I’ve been working for Aventuras Naturales at the Pacuare Lodge for 5 years, but in the river I have more or less 12 years of experience. I’m a raft guy. I’m from Costa Rica, but I’m living in a little town, Turrialba, which is close to the lodge; it’s, like, 45 minutes away. 

I learned to kayak first when I was 12 years old at the kayaking school in Turrialba, and then I learned how to raft. 

I like the trips and to make people happy, but safely. Safety comes first. If the people enjoy them and have fun, then I’m really happy. Pura Vida!

My children go to school. I want them to be good professionals. They are learning to kayak, too. I want them to be good kayakers. To live in Costa Rica is quite expensive, but its nature is wonderful. We are in the middle of the rain forest; because of that, it is rainy all the time. 

I don’t feel any fear while in nature. We organize some nature trips like canopy tours, also canyoning, rappeling from the waterfalls, and hiking to visit the indigenous people’s reservations.

Pura Vida!

«Pura Vida» is an expression that we use for everything in Costa Rica. Saying «Pura Vida» makes us happy.

Pura Vida!!!

Luis Flores Umana
Costa Rica, 22 August 2018

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