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I have learned Turkish from TV series

Despite the fact that I got biology education, I have worked as a photographer my whole life. I was born and raised at La Plata City, which is 50 km away from Bueos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. After we my husband and I had lived in Buenos Aires for years, we took a radical decision, and moved to Patagonia, a near-Antartic zone in Southern Argentina. We have been living in El Carafate City since 2008. I am working as a photographer at glacier tours in this touristic area of Argentina. It was my dream job to take photos and meet with people from all around the world, and I love my job very much.

Maybe you will be surprised, but I can speak Turkish quite well, as you wouldn't even be able to guess. In addition to that, I didn't learn it neither at school, private courses, nor from a Turk. I have been a fan of  Turkish TV series for years. Turkish TV series are very popular here, and they are a kind of addiction for me. “Ezel”, “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne”, “Aşk-ı Memnu”, "Öyle Bir Zaman Geçer ki", "Küçük Gelin”, and “Sıla” I watched all of them enjoyably. Nowadays, a new one called “Anne” is on the air, and believe it or not, I am watching it breathlessly. Due to the fact that the Turkish TV series are broadcasted with subtitles -without dubbing- I learned Turkish while watching them by listening.

“Your TV series are very long, two hours, I love it.” (She says that with a very sweet accent in Turkish.)

As you see, the TV series also have a big influence, as much as football, on Argentineans.

Silvina Ugo, Photographer
El Carafate City, Argentina, 10 May 2018

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