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Elephants and my family

My name is Farhaan Khan. I am 19 years old. I was born in Amer, India. I have four brothers and three sisters. All of my brothers are married, and we live here as five families all together. 

My family has been raising elephants for the past 35 years. The five elephants that we have are used to entertain tourists with short rides. 

Elephants are family-oriented; intelligent, very emotional and faithful animals. As long as they are treated well, they will be loyal to their owners, they will serve and show gratitude; never misbehaving or showing anger. 

Asian elephants are calmer and more harmonious than African elephants. Therefore, they can be domesticated and used for various purposes. 

These animals are heavy - the male elephants weigh around five tons, and the females weigh around three tons. We feed them seven times a day with bread, sugar cane and banana. Each elephant eats nearly 50 kg of food for a day. 

Elephants usually have a lifespan of around 80 years; the females can give birth at the age of seven, after having 22 months of pregnancy. In their lifetime, under free/relaxed conditions, one of these animals can give birth up to six or seven times. 

In India, it is legally forbidden to buy or sell elephants. Therefore, we cannot have a new one unless our elephants give birth to new babies. 

At festival times, we decorate our elephants with traditional painted patterns. Living here in Amer, we feel fortunate to own these lovely animals and happily earn our living as a big family with peace. 

Farhaan Khan 
Jaipur, India, 16 March 2019

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My expectation from my life is to have a happy family and a good amount of knowledge and adequate wealth

My expectation from my life is to have a happy family and a good amount of knowledge and adequate wealth.

My name is Jabir bin Haidar bin Jabir bin Saleh bin Kasim bin Mansuor bin Haidar bin Ahmed bin Muhammed El- Farsy. I was born in Zanzibar Stone Town. At the International University of Africa, I have graduated with an Art Bachelor’s Degree in taking the Education in Arabic and Islamic Studies course. Also, in 2013, I graduated with an Art Master’s Degree in taking Public Administration.

My father was among the first crew who established the Zanzibar Radio Station in 1957, and he was a ‘’story maker’’ known as “Dandanis Story”, like Arabian Kings’ stories. He was listened to over all the country’s radios, and was too famous in Zanzibar.

My mother is one among the very few ladies of Zanzibar who rode bicycles. She even went to football matches and political meetings. My mother is a very social lady, very kind, but was also very tough while raising us.

I married Saada Mussa Khamis AL-Alawi in May 1995. I have got four children.

I was employed by the Ministry of Education as a teacher of Islamic and Arabic Studies, and Sheikh Abdulhamid bin Abdulkarim Naqshabandi chose me to be the Leader Khalifa of Naqshabandi of Zanzibar and all of Tanzania. 

Life is good, elhamdulillah. I am happy, but the salaries are very low here. Now the system is capitalistic with a free economy and free market. 

I established the entire Sufi festivals in Zanzibar, which had sufi music and songs. I enjoy living by gathering people, establishing non-governmental organizations, helping poor people, and teaching our society through radio, television and/or by public meetings.

Jabir Haidar Jabir El-Farsy, El-Naqshaband
Stone Town, Zanzibar, 15 June 2018

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